Frequently Asked Questions

I am not an AI student. Am I welcome to come?


I am not an AI student. Is the level of prior AI-knowledge high?

We try to make a good balance between more technical and more practical speeches. So it might be that some parts are slightly more difficult, but there should be enough to follow easily.

I am not a gamer™. Will it be something for me?

Even if you are not a gamer™, this symposium has something for you. Gaming is a vey wide topic, ranging from simple boardgames to huge eSports events to helping surgeons do their job.

I will be a first-year AI student next year. Would this be something for me?

Yes! It will give you an opportunity to meet others from your year, and current AI students. It will give you an insight in a side of AI and a side of AI students and student life.

In what language will the symposium be?

The lingua franca during the symposium is English.

Should I come?