Symposium Committee

About Us

Sanderijn Paalvast


Hello Earthlings I’ve been kicked out of my game, and I am now facing difficulties trying to integrate within human society. I’ve put together a commission trying to figure out what role AI plays within games. Hopefully, this will give me enough intel to survive in disguise among humans. This intel will be shared with other humans in a medium called symposium, to limit the suspicions. Enjoy!

Loes Jonker

Head of PR

Hi there, Nice to meet you! I was just out here drinking some coffee and trying to catch some sun, I like to be on the square! How do you like my look? I would say that I’m finally in shape! Anyway, I hope you’re having a great day and don’t forget to block out the hate! I hope we will meet at the symposium, be there or be square!

Nic van der Stegen


Starting with Twilight princess I fell in love with The legend of Zelda and the rpg genre, I have over 150 games (I know rookie numbers), but for those I love I have hundreds of hours. Now one thing that is cool about the ever developing field of AI is how it can make single player games more interesting!

Bob Verhoeven


I have played games from a young age, starting with Freddi Fish, Putt-Putt and Windows Pinball. I’ve since owned many different consoles, and have seen how games have evolved over time. I’m very excited to hear about what new possibilities there are in the field of gaming and AI!

Sheetal Ramdas

Board member

Hi humans, this world is a lot less realistic as they promised in the ads. I know, I know, who believes ads? I can’t help to be interested in how much humans know about games and which AIs you use. When I was asked to join the committee who figures this out I didn’t need to think twice! I hope to see you at the symposium.

Henk van der Meijden


One of the very first memories i have is playing sonic on the playstation 2 with the whole family, this is probably what lead to the next 15 years of gaming and speedrunning a multitude of differing games. This starts at games like minecraft, chess, civilization and goes all the way to games like Super mario 64