Friday June 15, 2018
11:00 - 17:00h
@ Boothzaal Utrecht

We are the center of our own mysterious world, structured as a society. This society is changing, it is us, it is mysterious, it is questionable, and it is almost inevitable to interact and deal with.

To make more sense of the world and society around us we could listen. We could listen to ourselves, to the environment, to others speaking, and by listening we may gain new insights into ourselves, the society, and life as it is. Then it is wise to consciously choose the ones you listen too.

And that is where we might come in and help you! For we, as the symposium committee of Incognito, have selected a fantastic group of speakers that are willing to share some of their thoughts and knowledge with all of us, involving areas like privacy, education and healthcare. This will be an opportunity for you to listen to our speakers, form your own thoughts, share your thoughts with others, and reform your thoughts again after discussing. Two words: mental enrichment.

To listen. To learn something. To share a new experience. To meet new people. To enjoy.

See you on June 15!

Kind regards,
Tamara Florijn
Chairwoman of the symposium committee

PS: In case you are not convinced yet, one word: fun.
PPS: In case you are still not convinced yet, there is free lunch.
PPPS: If you have any questions, please read the FAQ or send an email to