Artificial Intelligence

Welcome on the website for USCKI Incognito's 2017 symposium!

This edition the theme of the symposium is creative AI!

Besides all the useful tasks they perform for us and all the calculations they make for us, robots have started to devote more time to more creative tasks. They have been playing chess and other games for a while now but did you know they also occupy themselves by making music? It doesn't stop there as they also participate in stage plays and have started painting as well.

Our speakers will tell us more about how AI manage to pull this off. They will reflect on the subject from diffirent points of view, among which the more artistic side, the philosophical and the more technical side of things. At the end of the day there will also be a debate among the speakers and other attendees.

More information about the day itself can be found under Practical information. The Speakers tab talks about exactly who will come speak at the symposium and what they will be talking about.